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The Ocean Jetty Portfolio

Goloborotko's Studio 20th Anniversary Edition

Dark Sky and Jetty in in its wash state (left) and inked on its polymer plate (right)

The Ocean Jetty Portfolio consists of four black and white prints that were made in a photo etching technique. The image is created on prepared acetate then transferred to a polymer printing plate by using light. Multiple prints can be made with this method.

The process for creating the portfolio started with five wash paintings were created on prepared acetate then burned into photo-etching plates and printed. One print in the group, “Dark Sky and Jetty” became part of the Goloborotko's 20th Anniversary Edition. Sheila Goloborotko suggested keeping the three other prints together and we created an edition of five for the “Ocean Jetty Portfolio”. The works in the portfolio are “Rocks and Jetty”, “Moonlight and Jetty”, and “Melting Iceberg”. An additional special small print called, “Sunset” fit the series well and was added to make four prints in each portfolio. There are an edition of five in this series with several artists proofs. Works are 9’ x 11” on 16” x 20” paper except for Sunset which is 6” x 9” on 16” x 20” paper. I want to thank my dear friend and master printer Sheila Goloborotko for her inspiration, guidance and hard work in printing the Ocean Jetty Portfolio and Goloborotko's Studio 20th Anniversary Edition.