In the Studio

Pearl Rosen Golden

Process in collage mixed media:

Acrylic gell prints provide layers that are collaged and then painted.  A gloss acrylic final layer is applied.

Long Beach, NY

Seattle, WA

To appreciate my work you must understand my love of art materials. In my artwork history you will find a diverse assortment of materials including: oil paint, pastel, watercolor, charcoal, ink wash, various printmaking techniques and more recently acrylic painting. I try to keep the process challenging and inventive by mixing mediums. In my transition from oil painting to acrylic, I added dust from ground pastels to the paint to enhance the color and give it a creamy consistency.

My latest interests are in exploring permanent ink washes as a base to influence the flow of the image, and to aid in building rich soft acrylic glazes.

Below is process Early Morning Beach using the ink wash underpainting

Collage Mixed Media  

Light in Clouds 1 and 2

Ink Wash mounted on cradle board with acrylic glaze   14" x 17" each