This project called, "The Kinnear Park Series", is based out of my Seattle home. Kinnear Park is a steep dense hillside near my home. It is a beautiful place of refuge and solice. I have been making small paintings and drawings in Kinnear Park but I did not feel like that they did justice to the diversity and granduer of this compact place. It presents a problem in painting on location because it is a differcult place to step back in with all these very tall trees so close together. I am reluctant to work from photographs but for this project it was the best way to compose and understand what whas occurring. I took a ton of photos that I printed on 9" x12" paper then cut to composed the scene. My thought for creating this piece in four parts was for the posseibily of expansion of the composition. This is the first in the series and is composed on four 12 inch squares of Fabriano hot press paper that can be framed or mounted to individual pieces of wood cradle boards. Without a computer and printer of my own the sheets I printed were filled with problems - an array of tones and perspectives that did not fit together. In the end that proved to be a good thing. The photo collage became a stand alone piece that was a great reference.  When I painted the piece my color memory and consideration for the feel of the space kicked in and made it painting in acrylic an exciting challenge.

I have several more works planned in this series. This is a section that will be used in one of them.  Future works in this series will be larger and composed of many more sections. The sections will probably be rectangluar and may not fit together to make a shape like a square when completed. I want to push for the expansive quality. I am also curious about how this might work in a corner.

Photo Composition Sheet

Beginning stage

Completed painting Kinnear Park Series #1 Acrylic Paint four 12" Squares 24” x 24”  2015

In minimal frame

New Work

Above:  Photo collage planning for 30" x 72" Triptypch

On the right: future ideas for painting in larger multiple parts